Who You're Not

by Brianna j

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I started writing this song in 2009. The first half of the lyrics and the main melody were written then, and the second half of the lyrics and the rest of the music were written in 2013.

This is by far the most personal song I've ever recorded.


“This isn't what I thought I'd see
The world stole you from abiotics
And spit you out for me”

You'd been betrayed, got something you never asked for
Did you fail yourself or those around you more?

Oh, so look back, how do you like it?
Why doesn't the past faze you?
You say you're sorry for what went wrong
But history don't affect your futures
Lights, camera action
It's been non-stop now, decades fly by
When will you change?
Sadly, hints abound that you won't...

“This isn't who you're supposed to be
You'll work with deep fry oil
You will amount to nothing”

Now tell everyone what a bang-up job you did for
Raising, nurturing
While trying to shut every door

Oh, so look now, how do you like it?
All I have is in spite of you're
Not sorry, keep trying to claim your victory
Light, up that shag, repeated exercises day after day
Gaze at that bookshelf, dreams of all those fortunes you won't make

You are not right, you are not true
You never knew, and can't rewrite
But I have learned, I have to tell
Myself what's due, and live up to


released July 9, 2013




Brianna j Slovenia

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