Cats are Sick

by Brianna j

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Last summer, the cats were sick with something and I tried medicine after medicine from the vet. One of the medicines the cats all refused to take, and I had to get creative with the administration of it... I complained enough to Jen and she talked me into writing a song about it... ;)


Oh, the cats are sick, oh the cats are sick
So I gotta get them healthy real quick
But the process makes me look like a meth addict
As I melt butter in a spoon

Then I mash the pills, oh I mash the pills
And usually some of the butter spills
These are just some of the perils of having cats

Then I mix the mashed pills with the butter
And all the cats, they run for cover
As I think, this is why I don't have a loverrrrrr
Oh thanks to cats!

When the cats, they hide, oh how I dive
Cause I gotta get these stupid pills inside
When I hold them by the nape, they cry and cry
And I pour the butter on their backs

When I set them free, oh how they flee
And now they really really do hate me
As they run off to the corner to get clean
And I'm alllll aloooooone

Now my friend circle's gone from three to none
And the neighbors probably all think I'm making drugs
I hope this song made you realize that my life is tough!
All thanks to cats!


released February 2, 2014




Brianna j Slovenia

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